Ant Cap - Stump Caps

McDowall Engineering has been suppling high quality Australian made Ant Caps (otherwise known as Stump Caps or End Caps) direct to house restumpers, builders and restumping supply outlets for over 10 years. Our stump caps are made from long lasting galvabond and zincalume sheet, and are manufactured to the highest of standards with rolled safety edges to remove sharp points.

Our ant caps come in two styles, the 270mm square cap suits most cast concrete house stumps, and the 350mm dia round stump cap will suit most timber house stumps. More detailed dimensions can be found below.

Square Stump Cap

Square Stump Caps
The 270mm Square Ant Cap has a minimum order quantity of 50.

Round Ant Cap

Round Stump Caps
The 350mm dia Round Ant Cap has a minimum order quantity of 25.

Please call us on PH:07 3881 3562 for prices.

McDowall Engineering endeavour to carry both styles of Stump Caps in stock at all times.


Ant Cap Dimensions

Termite Protection - Antcap & Stumpcap Use:

Showing details of where ant caps are generally used to protect your house from termites.