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Manufacturing quality Australian made winches for over 15 years; McDowall Engineering offers an extensive range of Manual Boat Trailer Winches, Braked Winches, Electric Winches, Car Trailer Winches, Worm Drive Winches, Mining Winches, Ceiling mounted Poultry Shed Winches and Hand Trolley Winches to suit most applications.

Available with either steel wire rope or webbing strap McDowall Engineering’s winches offer the versatility to suit most recreational and trailer applications. Meeting Australian testing standards, our range of winches offer robust steel construction with corrosion resistant zinc plating and powder coating for long lasting protection against the elements.

Winch Selection Catalogue

Blue Winch

Boat Trailer Winches
See our wide selection of manual and hand operated boat trailer winches.

Available Ratios - 1:1, 3:1, 3:1/1:1, 5:1, 5:1/1:1 and 10:1/5:1/1:1

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Brake Winch

Brake Winches
Where controlled lifting and lowering is required, available in several sizes.

Available Ratios - 1:1, 3:1, 5:1 and 10:1

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Electric Winches

Electric/Boat Ramp Winches
A selection of 12, 24 and 240volt electric winches are available in this catalogue. 

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Worm Drive,

Worm Drive Winches
Worm drive winches in selected sizes and gear ratios.

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Hand Trolley Strap Winch

Trolley Strap Winches
Removalist hand trolley strap winch, for securing loads to hand trolleys.

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Zinc Winch

Other Winches
Other winches and winch applications can be found here.

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Zinc Winch

Ceiling / Poultry Shed Winches
Capstain winch suited for shed windows and ventilation openings and other ceiling mounted requirements.

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Custom Made to Order Winches

McDowall engineering offer custom winch  design and manufacturing capabilities as well as custom modifications to our std range of winches, this can include extra gear guarding, opposite hand handles, gears & ratchets (winches can come with left or right-hand handles - *Excludes Brake Winches*). Please Contact Us with your custom winch requirements for pricing and more information.