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Multi Purpose Safety Strap

Our Australian made Multi Purpose Safety Strap Winches are designed to secure loads to hand trolleys in a convenient and easy to use safe manner. Designed for removalist trolleys, these safety winches can secure loads to hand trolleys such as fridges, large boxes, washing machines and many other large awkward loads.

Some companies have made it mandatory that all of their Hand Trolleys / Hand Trucks are fitted with one of these Safety Strap Winches to minimise Work Place Health and Safety issues.

Multi Purpose Safety Strap

Multi Purpose Safety Strap with Accessories

Hand Trolly With Winch

* Fridge & trolley shown for illustration only

The Multi Purpose Safety Strap has been designed for many applications. One of the main applications is for securely holding heavy goods on a hand trolley, such as the fridge trolley, as shown above. The design of the formed body ensures the shaft remains an integral part.

It comes complete with a replaceable 3.5 metre long strap. Cup head bolts are used for easier assembly. Spring allows for easy height adjustment. Comes packaged in a carton of 5.

The Multi Purpose Safety Strap Winch may also be know as: Hand Truck Winch, Hand Truck Safety Strap, Fridge Trolley Winch, Fridge trolley safety strap.

Additional Product Images & Information:

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