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Worm Drive Winch c/w Hex Drive

Part number  WNW-40-WORM-H

• 1 Speed - 41:1 Ratio
• Rated Capacity : 350 kg Line Pull
• For Safe Controlled Raising and Lowering
• Will sustain a load without back winding
• Dual Hex Drive c/w Removable Handle
   Can also be driven by drill (drill not included)
• IMPORTANT: Do not rotate input shaft faster than 300rpm.

Cable also available (price on application)

Worm Drive Winch c/w Hex Drive

This winch is designed to attach to a mounting bracket or structure, either of which must be capable of withstanding 4 times rated load of the winch.
When ceiling mounted, install winch at least 2m high with minimum of 3 (three) x M10 mm bolts, nuts, washers and lock washers.

Worm Drive Winch Mounting Dimensions

Additional Product Images & Information:

Click to Download Worm Drive Winches Brochure Click to Download Worm Drive Mounting Holes